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Our experience in the field of (stereoscopic) 360 Video is quite diverse already with a range from close up static shots over moving POV scenes with real world interaction to aerial filming.
We can help you with selecting the right set up for your scene together with a proper set of dos and don'ts depending on the scenario. If needed we can assist you with stitching problems, help you out with workarounds for already existing software problems and we are available for assisting in developing any kind of 360 and stereoscopic 360 Video software.

In addition to the purely technical advise we aswell have storytelling experience in 360 to a degree that allows us to create a natural feeling of the story told in a scene while taking advantage of the full 360 degrees.

Depending on your scene we can not only select the rigth solution off the shelf but we can fit our previous developments to your constraints or just develop a custom solution. Usually we work on distributed stereoscopic camera systems with more than 2 cameras to get the highest resolution and best exposure distribution possible.



Our network has access to an experienced crew of stereoscopic 360 film makers to professionally create the illusion of virtual presence in a prerecorded real world environment. We already have solutions for most scenarios and can offer the choice between two different camera. Furthermore we have vast experience in stitching and 360 SFX/VFX in an up coming topic for us.

You might want to take a look at some of our prototypes: (please adjust the resolution to the best available)