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Whether you are looking for an easy way to outsource prototyping or custom parts, you want to integrate additve technologies into your workflow or if you would like to enhance your already existing additive capabilities we can help in every stage. From giving you advise about the possibilities of your product over to providing you with contacts to high quality material producers that can make you custom materials for your project.

For movie productions we can combine our assistance in additive manufacturing props and historic replicas with the historical service from our history experts.

We were already involved in international 3D printer development and have worked on a variety of different machines from other areas. If you are looking to have a machine developed that is fitted to your needs we can help. Further our experts in computer graphics can develop any additive manufacturing related software.



Depending on your project or intended business we can provide additive production capacities. We have a massive FDM lab where we can work with most thermoplastics. Limited capacities are available when you are interested in UV active materials but we can produce them in DIN A4 format when the depth of the part does not exceed 20cm.
We have access to high speed low resolution and mid speed high resolution 3D scanners so we can choose the right tool for your project. If scanning is not enough we can provide you with well educated engineers who can reverse engineer scanned parts and are able to do further engineering work for your project.