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augmented/virtual reality


When you are thinking about integrating virtual technologies into your advertising campaign, teaching program or industrial application we can provide you with available technologies, their pros and cons, predictions about how effective your intended approach is and state of the art scientific research results. We have hands on experience with seethrough/non-seethrough tethered/stand alone HMDs, UMPCs, state of the art mobile devices, eye trackers, CAVE set ups and spherical displays. Further we have worked with and built all kinds of different interaction systems taking advantage of different approaches of position/interaction detection.

Our network has access to some of the leading scientists in AR/VR technologies. We are confident that most of your ideas can be made reality if they do not already exsist as an off the shelf solution.



We have a pool of talented scientists and programmers available to produce your AR/VR application. Since we are used to working with the latest tech in AR/VR and we are constantly working on improving the technology we have, we can bring your project to life so it can help you with your business.